CENIT launches comprehensive release of 3D simulation platform FASTSUITE E2

“R2020.7” release opens up new potentials for digital continuity in engineering

Published 01/18/2021 | updated 06/05/2024

Stuttgart, January 19, 2021 – CENIT is introducing the new release “R2020.7” of its FASTSUITE E2 product. The latest version of the 3D software offers widely expanded functions that, among other benefits, provide efficient tools for closing the digital gaps between design, simulation, engineering and production. New, preconfigured software packaging offers optimal support for a broad range of user types.

CENIT launches comprehensive release of 3D simulation platform FASTSUITE E2

The new release “R2020.7” of FASTSUITE E2 closes the gap between engineering and production planning. Functions such as geometry comparisons between component versions permit users to manage the entire lifecycle of products and workpices during an automation project, including design changes and variants. The release also features greater ease of use in generating product assemblies, particularly regarding layouts with multiple operation sequences and stations.

To manage the various stages of a product throughout the manufacturing process, the new FASTSUITE E2 release offers tools for defining a hierarchical group of component versions that represent the same product in the simulation. Quite often, robot programmers or planning engineers receive new design variants of a product that is already being used in a specific project. To identify the differences between the product versions, the new E2 release offers a rapid comparison of the two items and visual display of the deviations. Thanks to this analysis, users can efficiently evaluate the effects of the respective geometry changes on previously programmed operations to decide whether these can remain unchanged or need to be updated.


Improved interoperability from simulation back to design

In addition to output of all layout data and fixture design in STEP format, users can now also generate a swept volume of the working area in automation systems; these can likewise be exported in STEP format. The resulting volume can be used in FASTSUITE E2 to detect interference spaces in jig and tooling design, and to define interlocking zones in offline programming. And in the design departments, it can be used to update the jigs and fixture data in accordance to the required working space of the robot and tooling.

Efficient use of work cells thanks to improved machine and robot programs

Additional features of the new E2 release include a tool for generating circular linking motions between operations. This is a major benefit particularly for users of 3D laser cutting machines: Linking operations that consist of circular rather than linear motions help reduce overall cycle times on many machine tools, and jerky motions on the machine can be avoided.

Another innovative feature of the new E2 software: The existing surface and side tangent operations now also support linear and circular approaches for purposes of calculating tool path movements. This yields a significant reduction in the number of tool path elements while retaining the required process tolerance and sag motions. Users benefit from higher graphical performance, easier interaction and improved overview. Since it also reduces the file size of the robot programs, they are more easily managed by the control systems.

Also newly available is sealing technology, which now offers highly optimized visualization of process results that immediately shows users whether the process is effective, where the sealant material is being applied to the geometries, and in what quality and amount.

Intelligent software packaging for enhanced user support

Intelligent software packaging is one of the features that round off the new E2 release: In the new version, the FASTSUITE E2 modules are provided in preconfigured FASTSUITE packages. These intelligently bundle all required functions for typical user roles like concept planner, offline programmer, automation engineer or systems integrator. To provide the necessary degree of technical differentiation and to support projects with different levels of complexity, these packages are available in standard, advanced and premium editions.

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