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Quality as a business function


Today's manufacturers are challenged to effectively link quality goals and processes to business objectives. Failure to deliver on quality promises can significantly damage a company's reputation.

The precise and delay-free control and regulation of all significant influencing factors should ensure the optimal contribution of quality to key performance indicators (KPI). The basis for this is the digitalization and end-to-end integration of quality processes.

What the CENIT whitepaper offers you

In our CENIT Whitepaper, author Ulrich Decker guides you step-by-step to the solution of how to implement an end-to-end, digital quality process aligned with the goals and prerequisites of your production and thus ensure high quality of your products.

For this purpose, you will receive expert knowledge and practical suggestions for action that will support you in handling this task as a decision-maker. Technology, processes and organization are all taken into account.

Preview of the topics discussed

  • The digital end-to-end quality process: target, benefits and status quo
  • Exemplary projects
  • Outlook: Predictive Quality
  • Exploiting the opportunities of end-to-end digitization