Digital continuity for manufacturing at CENIT

Industry 4.0, connected industry, factory of the future

Published 02/05/2023 | updated 08/01/2023

Industry, under the impulse of digital technology, is transforming itself to gain in competitiveness

Companies, whether SMEs or large groups, must strengthen their position in a highly competitive and constantly changing market. In this era of digitalization, production is facing a phase of upheaval as the most important pillar of the value chain in many industrial companies. Manufacturing companies have to face new challenges due to the changed market situation.

Digital continuity for manufacturing at CENIT

More and more, customers are demanding tailor-made, partially individualised products. The challenge for companies is, to optimize costs besides significantly shorter delivery times despite the increased variety of variants

Companies are adopting digital manufacturing technologies to improve their productivity and respond quickly to their customers' requirements. Revising industrial processes and work organization methods also rhymes with agility and reliability.

Forecasts for production planning usually only provide planning security for a short period of time, whereby the factors "flexibility" and "changeability" become more and more important.

In order to meet the new requirements, the optimization of planning speed and planning quality is essential. Here software solutions for the digital factory provide the possibility to merge virtual and real world. Transparency, collaboration and knowledge transfer are guaranteed in a continuous platform and are not only visions of the future.

Your daily business challenges and operational expectations

  • Maximizing the productivity by minimizing idle times of expensive production equipment and human resources
  • Minimizing the cost and effort related to the planning and setup of production equipment in the discrete manufacturing industries
  • Eliminating risk and unforeseen inaccuracies during the factory planning and production ramp-up
  • Shortening the time-to-production timeline by consistent digitalization and elimination of media breaks in the process
  • Being supported end-to-end based on your existing IT-landscape, rather than providing merely isolated fractions of a solution

Industry-specific, cross-functional expertise for a successful digital continuity

The CENIT experts of the digital manufacturing enable the effective implementation and support of your projects for a seamless manufacturing process. We support you with solutions designed to cater to your specific industry in the fields of automotive, aerospace and defense, transportation, heavy industry, industrial equipment and high tech. In addition, our expertise does not end at the boundaries of specific departments but spans across all relevant functions in the design-to-production process.

Digital Factory includes 4 domains

  • Manufacturing Operations Engineering (MOE)
  • Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
  • Manufacturing Operations Optimisation & Planning (MOO)
  • Manufacturing Collaborative Operations (MCO)

Industry, under the impulse of digital technology, is transforming itself to gain in competitiveness.

For that CENIT supports you with DELMIA from Dassault Systèmes for your digital continuity, and with FASTSUITE for Offline Programming.

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