Business Continuity and Innovation Leadership

CENIT-KEONYS support its customers in their digital transformation

Published 01/26/2021 | updated 08/28/2023

In a virtual roundtable CENIT-KEONYS Board discussed the main industrial challenges that companies have to face especially in this time of pandemic crisis. Members of the management explained how companies around the world can make innovation a key business process and outlined the different approaches to a successful digital Transformation.


Business Continuity and Innovation Leadership

“The coronavirus crisis highlights the good health of the companies that had already started their digital transformation as their activity has never stopped. The digitalization of companies is no longer an option, it is essential to support a sustainable industry”, was the analysis that Kurt Bengel, CEO of CENIT AG, shared at the opening of the event.


He outlined key leadership guidelines for the current situation. CENIT-KEONYS, as one of the leading worldwide partners of Dassault Systèmes,

  1. continues to invest in R&D
  2. sets the course for sustainable growth
  3. continues to support its customers challenges and help them to create value, innovation and growth

At any time the security and welfare of CENIT-KEONYS employees is of top priority, Bengel emphasized, mentioning some of the key actions.

Digital technology make business continuity and innovation leadership possible. CENIT-KEONYS proves that the company is fully involved in initiatives for improved online collaboration for its customers. “We secured high availability of business critical processes and corresponding data and continuity of long-term roadmaps for business process transformation”, explained Martin Thiel, Senior Vice President 3DS-PLM of CENIT.

The experience of the pandemic resulted in a global and shared vision and Martin Grunau, COO KEONYS France, underlines the fact that CENIT-KEONYS has reinvented itself: “from a trusted advisor to a digital trusted advisor. PLM projects are always projects that change people, even at a distance.”


Digital technology designs the airship of the future

Everyone who listened in at the virtual roundtable also learnt about FLYING WHALES, a French company, that chose the latest digital technologies to carry out an amazing large-scale project with Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and CENIT-KEONYS expertise.

FLYING WHALES took up the industrial challenge of designing an airship for more ecological and economical transport with the development of the LCA60T. A pioneer in this field for transporting wood and large industrial parts in regions of the world without infrastructure.

“We are also developing, in parallel, a company that will operate the LCA60Ts for our customers and will manage a fleet of around 150 airships and their bases on three continents, with control centers for each operational zone”, explains Jessica Cohen, Digital Mock-up Leader.

KEONYS performed a Digital Process Assessmentor DPA with FLYING WHALES in order to capture their needs, optimize their working methods and establish tangible timelines based on their priorities.

“Thanks to the Digital Process Assessment, we identified themes that characterize the company's development priorities, two of which really stood out: collaboration and quality”, highlights Jessica Cohen.


Innovation-driven initiatives have helped reduce operating costs (OPEX). “We observe more flexibility and profitability even for highly individualized and customized products”, explained Tom Kalkman, Vice President Sales KEONYS Group & Managing Director KEONYS Benelux. Being more flexible facilitates the diversification of business opportunities.

We observe an increasing trend to face new industrial and societal challenges such as Cloud, clean mobility and sustainable and smarter products. “We help our customers to master their digital continuity in product creation processes, to establish the concept of a virtual twin and to simulate earlier in the product development process,” explains Ralf Hohmann, Sales Director 3DS-PLM of CENIT Germany.

Companies are more and more convinced by the benefits of digital transformation on the Cloud for designing, simulating and planning industrial production online. They invest on these new technologies to gain a competitive lead on their market. “Digitalization and Cloud technology in the product development process is, especially in this difficult period, a performance booster for industry”, says Alfonso Panichella, Managing Director of CENIT Switzerland.

Ongoing and sustained investments particularly concern the aerospace industry and innovative segments such as automotive e-vehicles and medical devices. “We can observe a real pressure for transformation in the supply chain and 30 years of Dassault Systèmes and 20 years of SAP partnership make us experts for process-driven platform integrations”, concludes Reinhard Staebler, Vice President at CENIT North America.

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