FASTSUITE Edition 2: First reseller in South Korea

Live from Automatica 2018

Published 06/30/2018 | updated 07/29/2022

With the signing of the contract at Automatica 2018, IS SOFT (Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do/South Korea) becomes reseller of FASTSUITE Edition 2 in South Korea. IS SOFT has been a system integrator for 3D-scanning sensor and surface inspection systems for more than 10 years.

FASTSUITE Edition 2: First reseller in South Korea

They work for key customers with international scope, like Hyundai and Samsung. „Our corporate culture is just a perfect fit“, says Yoshiaki Higashi, country director and President of CENIT´s Japanese subsidiary CENIT Japan KK. „IS SOFT has a specialised best-in-class product. That‘s the same claim we have for FASTSUITE Edition 2.“

The two teams first met at IREX 2017 and the engineers of IS SOFT were inspired by the innovative approach of FASTSUITE Edition 2. After the trade show, CENIT provided technical training in Seoul and Tokyo. „My team very much appreciated the high skill of the CENIT engineers“ says Mr. Henryseo, CEO of IS SOFT. „With these experts and their product we are able to add another level of benefits to our services.

“Together with the agreement IS SOFT also ordered two licences for their own company. Yoshiaki Higashi is looking forward to the cooperation. „IS SOFT is a young company with an average age of 35 years. We will gain from their passion as they drive our Digital Factory Solution forward!“

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