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IBM has awarded CENIT the title of Worldwide ECM Business Partner of the Year 2016.

Worldwide ECM Business Partner of the Year 2016: IBM-Award for CENIT

The award, presented at the annual World of Watson conference in Las Vegas in late October, recognizes CENIT’s outstanding achievements and expertise in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications.

Why did IBM choose us? Today’s complex ECM calls for new ideas and concepts. Over the past twelve months, we have jointly designed and executed reference projects, as well as developing new approaches in strategic and important fields. IBM considered our achievements to be the finest among all its global ECM partners.

“We feel encouraged with our ongoing development of industry-specific solutions,” says Kurt Bengel, spokesperson for CENIT’s Management Board. “Our customers are showing tremendous demand for our mix of partner solutions and our own software. That inspires our partners to join us in planning for the future. We’re on the right track.”

André Vogt, Director of Enterprise Information Management at CENIT, echoes praise for his team: “The certificate bears the name of our company, but it’s intended for the people who work tirelessly to improve our clients’ business processes”, says Vogt. “I’m lucky to work with such creative colleagues who always want to break new ground. My thanks to them for their continued determination and spirit!”

Having received the prize from IBM’s Laurie Evans and Vincent Zandvliet, we can now claim the title of Worldwide ECM Business Partner of the Year 2016. Evans is Vice President for Worldwide Digital and Business Partner Sales for IBM Analytics. Zandvliet is Vice President for IBM Software Channel Sales

The two IBM leaders invited Kurt Bengel and André Vogt to share the stage with them. Both said it was a moment to reflect and take a small break from everyday business. CENIT and all its employees will keep the award in a special place of honor.