Customer Story - HyImpulse - CENIT INT

3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud for a Hybrid Rocket Project


  • Fast-growing company with constantly new challenges
  • Handling of complex projects with limited resources
  • Limited budget


  • 3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud
  • Start-Up Offering
  • CATIA Mid-Market Packages
  • CATIA Rendering


  • Consistent, digital value chain
  • Scalable solution to grow steadily
  • Quick entry into platform technology
  • Flexible license model
  • Working on the latest state of art technology


  • 3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud
  • CATIA V6 Know-how
  • Fast implementation support

About HyImpulse

HyImpulse is developing a Game-changing European Mini-Launcher for Small Satellites. Hybrid rocket engines are especially suited for a rapid entry to the market. They are inherently safe, with very low cost propellants (paraffin and liquid oxygen), allowing fast and flexible operation of the launch service. HyImpulse´s inherently safe hybrid rocket propulsion technology has been already flight proven in previous HyEnD project.

The first product will be a sounding rocket that will carry 350 kg of payload to 200 km altitude (suborbital). The sounding rocket also serves as a technology demonstrator, since it will use the main hybrid rocket engine, which is designed also for the Mini-Launcher. Further key subsystems of the Mini-Launcher are also tested in the sounding rocket. HyImpulse´s main product, a Mini-Launcher, will lift up to 500 kg to a Low-Earth orbit.