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Case Handling the smart Way - W&W Informatik and Cenit optimize case processing at Wüstenrot.

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Wüstenrot Bausparkasse [Savings & Loan] AG, a subsidiary of W&W Group (W&W AG) relies on ultra-modern automation for its case processing. For years, incoming documents have been handled via electronic inboxes. To steadily optimize customer support and service, W&W strives to continually improve the underlying processes. Recently, an expansion update was installed to realize a number of improvement wishes on the part of Wüstenrot’s IT department. The changes have accelerated case intake, optimized document routing, and enabled more comprehensive monitoring. 


In collaboration with CENIT, the W&W project team expanded the mechanisms governing the automated case file management and mapped additional technical requirements with respect to the automated rules. Routing within the ILOG was optimized, and a case history was introduced. Wüstenrot staff can see via the portal what contract or customer changes have been made as a result of what case activity, and what documents (inbox and outbox) belong to a case file. Another innovation is data enhancement within the inbox: W&W’s systems now include more customer information in the data package appended to the case file in the inbox.


  • Implementation of new, more precise rules in automated case processing
  • Addition of personal inboxes to the inbox system
  • Data enhancement within the inbox: greater transparency thanks to a broader customer information
  • Improved monitoring for increased work efficiency

Why Cenit

With its portfolio in the sphere of enterprise information management (EIM), CENIT is a specialist for IT-based management of enterprise-critical documents and information within core customer processes, primarily for financial service providers.

About the company

W&W Informatik GmbH is the exclusive IT service provider for Wüstenrot & Württembergische Group. With about 850 staff, the enterprise develops and operates all IT applications within W&W Group and is responsible for networks, decentralized systems, architectures and computing centers.

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