From machine manufacturer to digitalization enabler


  • Support of an integrated tool management by programming an interface between ZOLLER Tool Management Solution and CATIA V5 


  • User-friendly interface integration in CATIA with three major application situations: data import, export and check-up functionality.

    - Data import: transfer of tool data from ZOLLER-TMS to - CATIA and availability for programming
    - Export of the tooling sheet (the output of the programming) to - ZOLLER-TMS
    - Check-up functionality: reconciling the tool data created in CATIA with their counterpart in ZOLLER-TM
  • Transfer of technology data into CATIA
  • Transfer of real cutting contours and 3D representations from the ZOLLER TMS into CATIA
  • Consulting and technological support for implementing topics such as digital twin and Lot Size 1


  • Better use of potentials through optimally provided data in the context of digitalizing.
  • Optimal data exchange in both directions: CATIA V5 - ZOLLER-TMS
  • Development partnership for the establishment of integrated and digitally continuous data processes - from programming in the CAD/CAM system to tool preparation, -setting and -measurement, through to tool provision at the machines. 

Why Cenit

  • Partner with expertise in CAD/CAM and professional competence in the field of "intelligent tool management".
  • CENIT convinced ZOLLER as an "established CATIA partner".
  • A company with expertise in the field of digital manufacturing


About the company

E. ZOLLER GmbH & Co. KG. develops innovative solutions for test and measurement technology, based in Pleidelsheim near Stuttgart, for more efficiency in the manufacturing process since 75 years. More than 40,000 setting and measuring devices with internationally unrivalled software solutions have been installed worldwide to date.Today, ZOLLER offers everything for efficient and reliable tool handling in the machining process. Throughout the entire tool life cycle, tools are physically and digitally recorded, measured, managed, stored and inspected with ZOLLER solutions. An international network of subsidiaries and representatives guarantees the highest service quality throughpersonal customer care.

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