CENIT 2025 strategy

With CENIT 2025, we have formulated an overarching roadmap for our entire company. We are laying down expansive, long-term foundations for our shared future. We are creating a set of principles that will help us fulfil our role as a customer-centric, innovative and expert partner for successful digital transformation even more effectively.

CENIT strategy 2025

Our vision

We are the No. 1 partner for successful digital transformation

Our mission

We design digital processes and create competitive advantages for our customers in the connected future

Our company culture

CENIT is synonymous with change – after all, transformation is in our company DNA. For more than 30 years, we have supported our customers in manufacturing, financial services and other sectors in taking the right steps towards digitalization in this dynamic environment, and implementing major changes effectively.

More than 800 employees from 30 countries work at CENIT, helping to make companies fit for the digital future – whether it's medium-sized businesses or major corporations. In addition to our customers and partners, our staff are the foundations of our company, and ones we are very proud of.

A spirit of partnership, being open to new ideas, a willingness to help and taking joy in new challenges: these are the things that set CENIT apart. With relationships built on mutual trust, we are able to adapt to and meet the requirements of the market quickly and flexibly. We do this with a responsible, entrepreneurial approach. This allows us to create value added for all parties – customers, partners, employees and shareholders.

As Team CENIT, we shape the future.