cenitCONNECT Collaboration

Worldwide secure & flexbile collaboration among different SAP systems - cenit connect collaboration

Product development and production nowadays take place in a team. Strongly networked partnerships characterize the landscape - customers, suppliers, worldwide locations determine everyday working life. All participants are dependent on up-to-date 3D product data, drawings, reports etc. in the appropriate format and with the necessary quality.

Easily and securely monitor connections to OEMs, suppliers, partners and your subsidiaries on a SAP basis


Collaboration is a central business practice for every modern company. External communication with customers, OEMs, suppliers and partners via portals and data transfer tools is only one part of the challenge. Likewise, secure and controlled internal communication, the mapping of data models from headquarters to subsidiaries, and the harmonization of multiple PDM / PLM systems are challenges that companies face.

cenitCONNECT Collaboration industry solutions support companies in these challenges with dedicated software tools that are flexible and secure. The application possibilities and functionalities take into account the different forms of collaboration - whether within the company or externally, whether with the participation of independent partners or within geographically distributed teams.

cenit CONNECT Collaboration: To ensure easy and flexible data exchange within our network
cenitCONNECT Collaboration

Cooperation in a global network

Employees and partners are spread worldwide while working on joint development tasks. Teams cooperate in a common process. Information needs to be used in the system without delay and up-to-date. With the Document Distribution Manager, cenitCONNECT Collaboration efficiently and intelligently ensures local availability and thus the best possible performance when accessing even the largest amounts of data, such as complex 3D original files.


Collaboration across company boundaries

Close partners cooperate on a common platform in common processes with full access to all necessary data. Information must be used redundancy-free and always up-to-date. Access via the internet or the cloud allows the flexible integration of globally active teams - from within the company as well as from external partners. On the basis of the SAP PLM security measures for direct teamwork, CENIT offers industry-specific versions. A tailor-made authorization concept for the respective scenarios ensures the protection of processes and data without hindering daily work.


Cooperation with independent partners

The inclusion of partners who independently work on subtasks with a common backbone can only be realized by a flexible provision of clearly defined work packages. The simple reintegration of work results, the fast exchange of ideas, evaluations and modifications are essential. The cenitCONNECT Enterprise Connector enables the integration of data exchange processes with external partners into the daily work of engineers - with little configuration effort. Naming conventions are adhered to with complete transparency for the participants, necessary formats for 2D and 3D data are generated and the quality of the work packages is ensured.

  • Optimized and reliable data exchange processes
  • Cost reduction through more efficient processes and error-free data packages
  • High-quality, globally available, complete product data in the required format
  • SAP integration for a "single source of truth"
  • Tried-and-tested solution for preparing the exchange of structured CAD data and documents
  • Professional service from CENIT thanks to many years of experience and successful collaboration projects