Customer communication - what is your company card like? 360° customer communication: From input to output - consistent, personalized, flexible

Communication with customers takes place every day on a number of channels:

Whether by paper, fax, email, text message and Messenger, using web portals and social networks, by telephone call or chat. Customers have long been accustomed to choosing the form of communication, corresponding to their personal preference and their current situation.

Then, customers often expect a response on the same channel. Demands on the speed of the response also depend on the selection of the channel: For instance, a response to a chat query is expected "immediately", whereas a reaction to an email is usually expected within 24 hours and a response letter is expected in a few days.

360 degree customer communication

If a company cannot meet these expectations in the B2C context, they increasingly run the risk of losing customers or not even reaching them at all.

Numerous questions arise from this for the company:

  • how can is fulfill customer requests in the best manner and as quickly as possible
  • how can quality simultaneously be assured - i.e. in the correct form and content of the response
  • how can I realize the serviceability of these channels with access to existing systems without system interruptions
  • and how do I guarantee an uninterrupted overview of all processes and the overall communication with my customer

For most companies, these are supplemented with questions about the connectability of existing applications and processes, because growing application landscapes exist and must be integrated.

360 degree customer communication

Therefore, CENIT has created a technical architecture in order to represent this special characteristic of 360° customer communication.

The further processing of customer wishes can take place based on the numerous channels of the incoming communication - with use of existing systems and technologies. Then same channels can be used for delivery of outgoing communications - after appropriate preparation of the message for each channel.

This technical architecture serves as a basis for a holistic analysis and product-independent consultation from the experts of CENIT.

How is it going for you?

We work together with you to develop 360° communications characterized according to your requirements based on existing solutions and circumstances of your company and the expected communication behavior of your customers and partners.

CENIT supports you in the process with a tested procedural model for working out a solution proposal - with recommendations for action, evaluation of alternatives and selection of appropriate components.

Our consultants are also at your disposal as trusted advisers in the implementation of the solution proposal. We would also be glad to assume responsibility for implementation for you. With our standardized, modular project approach, we can implement your requirements in such a way that you will be able to react flexibly and quickly to future requirements.

With our network of leading technology providers in the input and output management, consultation and integration services of CENIT and our optional supplemental software solutions, you gain a high degree of flexibility. We adapt the selection of components to your exact requirements.

360 degree customer communication

Would you like to join us as we head into the future?

In the process, we take care of the future-oriented configuration of your 360° customer communications: The possibilities for implementation of assistant systems like ChatBots are also incorporated by means of artificial intelligence or personalized, interactive videos, such as analytical options for evaluation of communications content and system-supported derivation of classifications and decision-making aids. The result is modern 360 degree customer communications - from the input to the output and with a comprehensive communications history in all technical applications.

Because your communications are the business card of your company.