How can existing IT system be safely adapted to new requirements? Modernizing and migrating application landscapes - for added efficiency, quality and cost savings

The digital transformation requires innovative and flexibly usable IT solutions, particularly as a basis of process solutions and in information management. IT systems developed over years or decades on the basis of currently antiquated technology often cause high operating and maintenance costs - further developments are usually difficult to implement and are avoided. Therefore, such IT systems often act as a brake for innovations in companies and increasingly develop into a competitive disadvantage in comparison with new companies with a "greenfield approach".

Application modernization and migration

Not lastly, such applications entail risks with respect to the technical expertise and expenses for their maintenance, which is ultimately manifested in cost and security risks.

In order to avoid these disadvantages, it is necessary to successively modernize existing applications and systems or to move them to a new platform. For systems in the context of the data, document or process management, in particular, this means a recreation of the application itself and a migration of the content - a task which can quickly involve several million data records or documents.

Application modernization and migration

Taking proven paths towards modernization

As an experienced provider of data, document and process management solutions, CENIT is familiar with the challenges of modernization and migration tasks and has developed proven methods and tools for this purpose.

For example, a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of systems is carried out with the CENIT migration checkup. For this purpose, recommendations for action are developed as decision memos. Consideration take place along strategic, technical and technical aspects and thus ensure the necessary transparency over the available systems.

Then the preparation of systems and implementation of the modernization of the software follow. CENIT uses special tools for the migration of data, documents and processes - including CENIT's own migration solutions and solutions from our software partners.

The process is completed with the validation and completeness consideration, documented with a corresponding final report.

Application modernization and migration

With these procedures, experiences and tools, CENIT has successfully implemented the renewal of existing systems in countless customer situations. This includes:

  • Modernization of an archive system with several hundred million documents for safeguarding of compliance and future compatibility, including cost savings in operation and maintenance
  • Renewal of a platform for file and transaction processing. This included the goal of cost reduction and efficiency improvement in transaction processing, as well as time savings for information and research
  • Renewal of a planning solution with more than one hundred connected devices and acceleration of planning processes by 75%

These examples show how CENIT can ensure through modernization of systems and - if beneficial - migration of contents, that said systems remain capable of fulfilling current and future requirements of the companies. We would also be glad to help your company become strong for tomorrow's market.