German car manufacturer relies on FASTSUITE E2

Programming two types of cutting cells with one software

Published 03/02/2021 | updated 03/01/2023

Stuttgart, March 3, 2021 – CENIT’s software FASTSUITE E2 demonstrates its capabilities in programming of CNC and robot laser cutting cells for high-pressure deformation.

Increasing efficiency in the engineering process: Since December 2019, CENIT’s high-performance 3D simulation suite FASTSUITE E2 has been in use at the BMW Group Dingolfing, where it is deployed for programming fully automated cutting machines for high-pressure deformation of components – and it’s delivering optimal results.

FASTSUITE E2 offers users a uniform, standardized interface and consistent programming methodology. The software’s openness for a wide range of data formats and its easy adaptability to specific technologies were the deciding factors in BMW’s testing. At the company’s Dingolfing factory, two 5-axis CNC facilities, with infeed axis as well, and two 6-axis robot laser facilities are deployed for tooling of high pressure-deformed components. To increase efficiency and resource utilization within the cells, simulation and offline programming of the two different machine types can be managed by just one software solution.

 “This really enhanced the level of control over the programming process. The software’s functionality for downloading and uploading the CNC and robot programs from and to each machine also satisfies the client’s demands for high-performing cross-kinematic simulation and programming”, says Thomas Flaig, Senior Account Manager, Digital Factory Solutions at CENIT in explaining the arguments in favor of the CENIT software. “Because FASTSUITE E2 enables standardized programming of both facility variants via an identical user interface and consistent algorithms for path optimization, the software helps reduce startup risks while ensuring maximum-quality cutting programs and a clear boost in programming efficiency”, adds the CENIT expert.


FASTSUITE E2 operates as a stand-alone 3D simulation platform. Via a consistent 3D environment, it drives component handling, automation technology, process validation, offline teaching, offline programming, virtual commissioning and more. The scalable solution combines intuitive use and manageability with maximum format openness and easy adaptation to specific technologies. The modular structure of FASTSUITE E2 makes it the right choice for small companies that only need to program single robot cells and it is equally beneficial for large corporations planning to map entire digital factories.

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