FASTTIP enables complex 6-axis programming

BAE SYSTEMS has invested millions of pounds in state of the art multi-axis NC systems as part of its long term future proof strategy to stay at the forefront of technology. FASTTIP forms an important part of this long term strategy providing us with programming software and offline simulation. This gives us the ability and confidence to quickly and simply provide the production facility with collision free multi axis assembly drilling programs and all thanks to CENIT software.

Paul Thompson, Team Leader, Typhoon Major Units Build Support, BAE Systems


  • Efficient implementation of 6-axis programming
  • Collision-free drilling programs with a large variety of drilling positions


  • PIK development
  • Training and support


  • Significant time and cost-saving
  • Reliable programming and simulation for drilling processes
  • One environment for machining and robotics


  • Following a market analysis, BAE Systems established that only CENIT AG was in a position to deliver a financially and technologically adequate solution.

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