Casting with CATIA

CATIA allows us to create complex free-form surfaces and intricate parts with many interior cores, and to reproduce them at any time.

Dr. Anton Rechsteiner, Head of Engineering / Technology at vonRoll casting


  • High demands on the CAD system: metal casting involves flow, fill and solidification procedures
  • Flow- and stream-optimized design is essential


  • vonRoll casting uses CATIA to realize and optimize complex-geometry models


  • Reduced time cycle in product development
  • Complex free-form surfaces and intricate parts with many interior cores that can be readily implemented and reproduced
  • Problem-free data exchange with customers


  • System integration, provision and maintenance of solutions, as well as consulting and training for users

About vonRoll casting

  • Core competence: one of Europe's most modern and innovative foundries
  • Sector: Engineering Industry (foundry)



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