Better Thanks to Digital Continuity

CENIT Supports Tajco, Preh and Evum in Digitization

Published 09/12/2019 | updated 03/01/2023

Stuttgart, September 12, 2019 – No matter whether an internationally oriented major corporation with thousands of employees or a start-up with just a minimum number of employees: With the right approach, companies of any size can undergo a digital transformation. The software and consulting company CENIT demonstrated this successfully with its customers, among them Tajco, Preh and Evum.

Better Thanks to Digital Continuity

Digitization knows no boundaries and affects the entire value chain. This is why every company, no matter its size, must put its processes to the test and prepare itself for new demands. With companies such as Tajco, Preh and the start-up Evum, CENIT proved that digital continuity can be achieved efficiently with the right approach.

Tajco – pre-configured software, faster benefits

With Tajco as an example, CENIT clearly illustrated that medium-sized companies can achieve success in their digital transformation particularly fast when pre-configured solutions are applied. Tajco is the market leader for premium tailpipes for the global automotive industry and has a staff of more than 1,200 employees. Among the company’s challenges were that they neither had a standard database for the development locations in Germany and China, nor any standard process solutions in accordance with auditing specifications. After an individual analysis of the PLM processes, the decision was made in favor of the “Ready-to-Grow" solution with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform by Dassault Systèmes- including cenitSPIN Product Suite for easy-to-use, customer-specific adaptations. “Ready-to-Grow” means that 80 percent of the solution has already been pre-configured ensuring that the software is ready to use extremely quickly. For medium-sized companies in particular, this is a worthwhile solution that generates rapid benefits. A central data archive, standards and automated processes as well as an improved cooperation are just some of the benefits for Tajco.

Preh - more efficient thanks to standards

The Preh Group, a global automotive supplier with headquarters in Bavaria, which today employs a staff of close to 8,000 employees, wanted to establish standard working methods for internal and external CAD developers. The solution was also to feature a standard set-up and structure with respect to its modules, assemblies and drawings. Here, CENIT applied a careful analysis of the existing product creation process to come up with a customized concept. Existing working methods and specification were consolidated, and from this, a Preh CAD design guideline was prepared using a model-based definition as the basis, and from which the relevant training documents were derived. For the company, the established standards were worth the effort resulting in lower development costs, fewer mistakes and fast response times.

Evum - cloud solution for the start-up

Often, start-ups face challenges of their very own - rapid growth, limited budget and few employees. The same applied to Evum Motors, which primarily designs economical and sustainable electric all-purpose vehicles for developing and emerging countries. CENIT implemented the 3DEXPERIENCE platform by Dassault Systèmes as a cloud-based solution to create a consistent, digital value chain for Evum. Because this is a scalable solution, it can expand alongside of the start-up’s growth. For Evum, this represented a quick entry into the platform technology with a flexible licensing model and the possibility to work with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

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