CENIT and DELTA Management Beratung form strategic partnership

Consulting and software specialists to expand market lead in Digital Twin field and close gap between PLM, analytics and AI

Published 05/23/2018

Stuttgart, April 18, 2018 – IT and software consulting provider CENIT AG and consulting firm DELTA Management Beratung GmbH (DELTA) have agreed to act as strategic partners. By dovetailing their solutions expertise, the PLM specialists plan to open up a significant market lead in the Digital Twin sphere. They also intend to build real time data integration capabilities to drive company-level digital transformation in manufacturing and Industry 4.0. The new partnership involves an equity participation by CENIT in DELTA.

CENIT and DELTA Management Beratung form strategic partnership

For both partners, this means collaboration in a pioneering field: CENIT has established a market position as “partner for digital transformation”, while DELTA Management Beratung provides solutions associated with the Digital Twin. Both companies have deep and well-demonstrated expertise in the fields of product lifecycle management (PLM), digital factory and software development. By pooling their knowhow, the partners are striving to develop a portfolio with the potential to lift the topics PLM, Digital Twin and digital continuity to a new plane. This will benefit both new and existing clients from the manufacturing and production sectors – medium or large-scale enterprises from the automotive, mechanical engineering or aerospace industry.

The partnership gives both companies access to joint teams of experts who can realize strategic initiatives for key customers just as easily as specific projects for smaller-size clients. CENIT and DELTA began initial work on joint projects even before signing this partnership, e.g. for major aerospace and automotive companies.

One important way in which DELTA contributes expertise to the collaboration is via its real-time cloud-based approach. Using a special technical model, the provider is able to enhance planning and manufacturing data with logical and contextual content. This in turn enables end-to-end digitization of manufacturing technology, production, logistics and process-related quality management. The company portfolio includes development of semantic real-time networks for mapping of business and manufacturing controls as well as digital lifecycle files that permit e.g. context-based Big Data analytics and AI applications in manufacturing control. The results for client companies: A major boost in efficiency and digitization as well as robust gains in flexibility for production and manufacturing planning. Examples include a clear simplification of shop floor IT, long-term storage of signals and information on status quo changes relevant to quality assurance, as well as a high-performing interface for analytics, simulation and reporting.

DELTA’s portfolio complements CENIT AG’s smartPLM initiative for the manufacturing industry. The prime goal of smartPLM is to create digital continuity along the entire value chain in manufacturing enterprises – and in collaborating with DELTA, CENIT is taking an important step towards practical implementation of this vision. For instance, the company sees major value in DELTA’S real-time architectures and production-specific data models, which permit the deployment of additional applications in production planning processes. “In the Industry 4.0 context, the potential of our joint solutions for enterprises is virtually unlimited”, says CENIT AG CEO Kurt Bengel, adding that “for both sides, the partnership holds plenty of promise – promise which will manifest itself in the evolution of technical solutions, an even wider consulting expertise and an unrivaled solutions portfolio. In these times of Industry 4.0 and increasing competition, this brings us closer to our goal of supporting enterprises in digital transformation and making them more competitive.”

DELTA is likewise convinced of the benefits of this groundbreaking partnership. As Dr. Raimund Menges, founder and director of DELTA Management Beratung GmbH, puts it: “With our solutions portfolio, we are building a highly useful bridge between PLM, virtual planning and manufacturing on the one hand and the real production world on the other. Thanks to our joint expertise, we can create true end2end connectivity between all digital tools in manufacturing enterprises regardless of industry, and integrate machine data and external signals, human interaction and the results of algorithms and simulations into superior concepts – all in real time.”

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